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NFP Preview: Does it detect any COVID-19 effects?

Last week’s record 3,001k surge in initial claims to an incredible 3,283k in the week following the BLS survey, when compulsory closures started, indicates that the majority of COVID-19 job-market […]

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Daily Articles

China: PBoC surprise rate lowering to prevent financial crisis

PBoC cut 7D levels suddenly Despite CNY50 billion pumped into the interbank market this morning, China’s central bank cut the 7D reverse repo from 2.4 per cent to 2.2 per […]

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Eurozone: Manufacturing collapsed in December

Eurozone industry ended the year on a negative note as production dropped in December by 2.1 per cent. The downturn in demand, now entering its second full year, has left […]

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Nonfarm Payrolls Preview: This time, get ready for some action

The US dollar is going into the release with a firm speed of the US monthly Nonfarm Payroll survey, backed by the strong release of US data in the last […]

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US: Not let up in lay-off rhythm

Jobless claims came in at 6.606 m for the April 4 week after a revised upward 6.867 m for March 28. It was well above the 5.5mn consensus estimate and […]

USD: OPEC+ and Eurogroup set Easter tone

Last week some stability has returned to the financial markets, although participation is weak-just as confidence is. Far from monitoring the COVID-19 cases route, investors must look at two main […]


  • Why Should You Consider Your Losses?

    There are possible defeats. It’s a reality as true as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Everyone will get a bitter taste of defeat sooner […]

  • Another Top five lessons in psychology trading

    Continue learning. The learning should not stop in trade, as in any other profession. You need to constantly work on your existing skills and be ready to adjust to new […]

  • Trading Recap – Why Most Traders Fail?

    Most aspiring Forex traders unfortunately do not ever achieve the success they desire when starting out. There are a number of psychological errors at work here that contribute to failure […]

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